Hello, I am

Anas Aboureada

A self-motivated, authentic, and ambitious lead software engineer


Lead Software Engineer


  • Lead software engineer with +6 years of web development professional experience and +15 years of programming experience.

  • Designed and implemented web services that help millions of users every day.

  • Interested in web development, cloud engineering, micro-services architecture, Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Event-driven architecture, CQRS, and performance optimization.

  • Coaching and mentoring my team members to be better versions of themselves every day.

  • Contributing to open-source projects (e.g. Added major features to Node.JS so, if you are using Node.JS, you are running my code in your company).

  • Interested in Cyber Security. (Author of the book “OSCP Survival Guide”& Gave training to the whole department about OWASP Top 10).


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How I can help you grow your business?

Working as a technical team lead gives me variety of skills, here you can see some of them

Front-end Development

Typescript, React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


I use SQL databases like PostgreSQL & MySQL also, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch & Google Datastore in my day to day work all the time.

Back-end Development

I use Node.js in my day to day work now for +6 years. Besides that, I use Java and Python in some of my side projects.

MicroService Architecture

For serverLess architecture, I am using AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions. Also, using ISTIO, Kubernetes, Docker, ...

Cloud Engineering

I am using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for +2 years now and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for +5 years.

Other Tools

Queue Systems: RabbitMQ.

Caching: Redis & CDN.

Monitoring: Grafana & Prometheus.

Logging: Loggly & rollbar.

CI / CD: Jenkins & Travis.


What People say about Me

I'd love to talk about ... Web DevelopmentPerformance OptimizationTeam BuildingMicroService ArchitectureEvent-driven architecture