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Algorithms Complexity Analysis

Table of Contents IntroductionImportant Criteria: Time and SpaceCommon Asymptotic Notations1. Big- (Big-Theta) notation (Describes the ‘average’ case scenario)2. Big-O (Big…
 - 05/31/2020

Radare2 cheat Sheet

Table of Contents Radare2 cheat Sheet | All radare2 commands that you might need in an easily organized way.Command line…
 - 05/22/2020

Networking concepts – part 1

Table of Contents Types of networksPhysical and Logical topologiesPhysical topologiesTypes of physical topologiesBus topologyRing topologyStar topologyLogical TopologiesEthernetToken ring and FDDIToken…
 - 05/18/2020